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Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Hey y’ all! Welcome to Love Living Well! I’m Michelle L. Bohn, personal and professional development coach, writer, English Bulldog loving, wellness weirdo, and I teach simple self-care solutions and powerful productivity habits that stick.

And, so you are probably wondering how this all got started, yeah?

Well, about two years ago, I was feeling really, well, frankly, BLAH. Very low energy. Absolutely no motivation. Totally unfocused. I was also diagnosed with high blood pressure and given prescription medication to manage it.


That lead me to thinking about my family health history. It’s not good. Not good, at all. In addition to hypertension and heart disease, we have a number of different kinds of cancers, and diabetes. Yes, serious freak out time commenced.


With the not so great family health history and my current hypertension situation, I was already in trouble. I had to make some changes in my health and wellness routines, and it was starting to look like my life was actually--seriously--depending on it.

Double Stink!

At first, I didn’t know where to start. I had never exercised, no yoga; I didn’t even have a daily steps goal. So, I turned to a close friend of mine for help. I knew she had faced some health challenges of her own and had turned them around for the better. I knew she could help me with mine. Oh, and I am SO GRATEFUL that I did. She shared with me some amazing free resources and whole food, plant based nutritional products that absolutely propelled me into better health.


It totally worked, y’ all! I started eating better, drinking the right amount of water for my body on the daily, exercising regularly. I even developed a mourning routine that helps set up my day so that almost every day is a good day. And, seriously, y'all, a lot of my days, well, they're pretty darn AWESOME!

I mean, the only way I can really describe it is that the inside of my body just feels so good. Like, I'm all sparkly on the inside! I have so much more energy and motivation than before I started my wellness journey. Oh, and people notice it, too. I am always getting compliments about my energy and healthy “glow.” Who the heck doesn’t love compliments? Not this girl. Bring them on!


The word catalyst comes immediately to my mind, because—WOW—one thing really has led to another. Now, I’m regularly adding new and exciting good things to my diet, to my daily self-care routine, and to the way I take care of myself in general. I'm eating a variety of fun fruits and vegetables and wholesome, filling foods that are easy to make and even easier to enjoy. In my attempts to learn to meditate, I'm learning about scientific research that backs the mental and physical benefits of meditation and prayer.

I’m also eliminating things that just don’t serve me—my mindset or my body—well. Things such as toxins that come from overly processed foods and beverages, as well as the chemically loaded products that I put on my body or use in my home. I'm eating variety of gluten free, diary free, plant base food products and using a number of chemical free, natural based products on my body and in my home.

And, I’m loving it. I LOVE LIVING WELL!


I feel so fantastic, so inspired and motivated with my life now I have to share my simple self-care solutions and powerful productivity habits with everyone—including YOU! It would just be too selfish of me not, too. And, I’m a giver. Giver’s gotta give, y ‘all, or we ain’t happy. So, yeah, a blog just made sense. And, I LOVE IT! I love the research, the writing, and the sharing of all the things that I’m learning and experiencing—all while getting to meet all kinds of beautiful people, like YOU! What a life!


Are you looking to develop some simple self-care solutions and powerful productivity habits, too? Follow on Facebook at: Love Living Well or Instagram @mizBohn. Together we can LOVE LIVING WELL!

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